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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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i understand that if you have to leave your home, we are encouraging people to take their pets with them. >> absolutely. we think that that is a lesson that we concerned from karina, if you are being evacuated you should take your pet with you. i have a carrier, and you need to have a carrier that you can fit your pet in comfortably and you need to take your pet with you when you were evacuated. >> i am going to thank you very much for joining us and bringing oreo today. and i am go > president torres. >> here. >> commissioner moran.
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>> we have a minimum qualm and approval the minutes. >> second. >> all right. that was very well done. >> all in favor? any public comments? . number 4 public comments on anything yes >> quiet group today. all right. item number 5 communications. i believe that mr. moran has something to say >> i have a couple of items on say advanced calendar we intended to have the water draft strategy and that was detailed because of the room fire do you have a date. >> next meeting. >> yeah, we, do it at the next
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meeting. >> and on the c i p-2 things. the report format is one we developed for the w and it worked really well, for projects that have defined scope and ending cost. we have continuing projects so we have an amount of money if we don't spend it this year we'll spend it next year and this reporting really didn't - it's not useful for that kind of project. one question is is our definition and use of continuing projects appropriate or should we have some other defines that says it ought to be tracked like
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a bonding inside project or is there other metrics. like sewer repair we have a program to get 12 miles in a year and maybe we're able to get 15 miles this year and that becomes a man and woman full metric. i would encourage you to look at the reporting. i find it more useful than the document but because there's no variances it doesn't say much. and this contradicts what i just said there were some comments. especially around the muni load
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we put out on rfp and we're doing it again, i want an explanation on what the issues are there >> we can provided it next time is that okay. >> any other. >> a couple other if i may. oh, two things on the wastewater enterprise quarterly report one is the green infrastructure project seems forbid a state of considerable fluctuation at the moment. some are becoming more expensive and the scope and approach are changing. i think it would be useful to hear what the challenges and things we're learning from the projects and that's another
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thing for the future and a specifically with the roofs. that completion date is 2017 which seems a long way out. >> karen said that she's going to talk about it as part of her presentation. >> okay. good. thank you that's the end of my comments >> any other comments on communications? >> president torres i'd like to know in addition to the staff summary we rested a recommendation that the staff respond to an issue of clean power by october 5th. >> october? >> october 5th. >> and do we have a letter ready. >> no. we're actually reviewing it and we'll respond
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and provided a draft to the commissioners. some of the questions it asked was is the commissions intention and certain things that staff can't answer. so we will provide answers to the questions we can answer and we'll provide to the commission and maybe we can find a way to put what the commissioners answers to those questions >> i'm not comfortable with putting the intentions until after a discussion we should wait and i'm not sure where we're moving that that. i am comfortable with this. i have no problems with the other questions and staff will do an excellent job as usual
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they they could be miss interpreted >> some of the questions are for the staff and some specifically for the commission. i'm wondering if you could get some clarity from the clerk on how they would like the commission to respond to those questions. you know, as a body or individuals or to get some directions so that could help you produce a response >> sure. >> yeah. >> and on all the communications i also see there's a resolution from the board today and i don't know if it's part of the discussion today but urging is puc not to exceed the rates par i don't know what the plan. >> everyday. >> i receive it orally. >> so i don't know once or if
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this passes what the response would be. >> the response a legal one we're not under any obligation to pass those rates. there's no further action other than a review and i'm sure it will include other alternatives and i think we need to engage the mayor's office i know i haven't but we need to do this in the future especially with the new director >> so i would like thirty this resolution to be part of the communications and escalated if the other commissioners have not seen and keep us posted when this resolution goes before the
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board because it has to specific directives and i understand the legal interpretation you have but it specifically says a what the board is asking us to do so we need to respond. >> we have to respond through council and at least we don't have a constitutional or legal way but to have is a hearing and take a vote which we've done. >> i'm with the city attorney's office. i will respond with legal advice which this isn't on the agenda but we can't talk about - >> well, it's not inappropriate. >>right. >> anything else under communications or lack thereof.
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item number - any public comments on communications and any other business are is that our briefing. any other commission business? there being no one mr. jennings manager your report >> thank you and week we had a little bit of time off and i thought we would take some time off as i know we had a wildfire started in stanislaus national park and the rim fire started off about 4 thousand 4 hundred acres and now it's over 2 hundred and 50 thousand acres. it's about 80 percent contained and it's devastating and i've
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invited the commissioners duo to go up there and witness the devastation and also i invited the mayor don't care a helicopter ride with the fire chief and myself and michael to look at the extent of the fire it's amazing and sad to see the devastation out there. also it was really kind of great to see the - how our staff responder to the fire in both cases - i went out there twice to visit the staff and took the mayor and side how the staff reacted to the devastation on the front line and how the city family came together and help us, you know, deal with the
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crisis. i just want to thank staff and everyone who prarntd. and helping us through where we are today. the fire is not out yet and so michael is up here to really talk about where we are today and give you some pictures of the fire so that you can kind of see first hand what was going on >> welcome michael deputy general manager. i have a slide presentation. so just to start out the rim fire was a disaster it was the third largest fire in the state of california. i should know we're part of the community and we work and live
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up there. we're sympathetic to those who lost things in the fire. here in the bay area and the pupuc have gone beyond their duties. are we're counted this disaster better than where we were our resiliency and we've shown we can handle a lot of different things and the camp is still standing there. so going through some slides the wide fire started on august 17th and has progressed, you know, over 2 hundred and 54 thousand
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acres it's 80 percent contained they expect it to be contained in a few weeks arrest we hit done energy places. we also note that the fire effected about 1 percent of the watershed. the fire activity was when we is a say one percent of the watershed it wasn't burned but we need to get people on the ground to photo what burned. we're delivering high-power and water there was no disruption of services and the it was within the normal operating perimeters
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we communicated that to our customers. there was no contaminate. all city structures in the area are secure we have kirkland units back on line and they've they've been working on one for some time. we have no transmission problems with our distribution lines that carry water to our camps and the intact up to the shawn. we're now in the assessment mode. we were still out there with our folks to access to found out how much day. and you'll hear a lot in the paper about the bear team
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it was put together by the u.s. forest service it is a group it goes out and seas the damage and what the recovery plan will be from the u.s. forest service prospective's. just to give you an idea of the progression and we know those well because we operate our emergency services on the same day. it was followed the next day by the state declaring a this in a state of energy. i should add that another township was dlafrd a energy. when we go into this kind of
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situation all we wanted to do here is to give you a view that we have to coordinate with a lot of other office of emergency services and fema. we're coordinating with the mayor's office and general manager kelly was making sure that the mayor was kept informed. rec and park department they were intimidately involved. i'll show you this is basically a liaison for us the you've had command.
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this is the u.s. park service and they're in charge. we're not in charge of this fire at all. they're the people on the ground fighting the fire and we're coordinating with them. we communicate and coordinate our activities as we have twice daily you calls with other departments that are feblgd by this this the city fire rec and park and two people were sounded to us to be liaisons to communicate directly so they understood what our needs are that we had our personnel there communicating what was happening on the ground. we also were mobilizing any sort of services so if at the he needed bulldozer we then did
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everything we could to support their efforts. we worked closely with the rec and park department. and in respect there was a lot of activity in this area and that's where a number of strike teams were barnes based there. as of today, we're using this camp as a base for restoration. and we have personnel and krashlths going in to help with the efforts. we're communicating to you confirmations as well as the conservatism area and we've got daily phone calls w to our customers. we also use the media again making sure that the message got out that water quality was not
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effected it was safe and making sure that power was still on there was no shortage of power in san francisco and the social media we utilized. so this sliced actually shows the progression of the fire and, you know, caught our attention as it started as a small fire from 8 hundred to 16 thousand acres to 32 thousand acres to a 1 hundred and 5 acres all in the period of a few days. there were a lot of fuel on the ground and the weather was not coordinating with us and it became a hot fire. at the height of the fire there was 5 thousand plus firefighters and plus aerial support.
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if ever take the cherry road there's a meadow off to the side that was a camp for personnel fighting active fires on the east side. this is the routine it shows the extent and we'll get into this it went through camp matthew and up to the watershed so we have a lot of the watershed that has burned and it's a concern to us. this is the firewater shed. now the red line significance the heat area not the burn area.
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they put you out those boundaries where the heat is based on infrastructure red locations doesn't mean all the area has been burned. in fact, this is looking down stream toward the damn and you - dam and you can look at the diagram and see a lot of that is not burned it's burned in small spots and we're going to have to get the crews out there to verify it but it was not effected by the fire. we had some damage to some of our facilities. this the the powerhouse you're seeing on say right-hand side of the screen the roof burned. it was an asphalt type of roof
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and it melted it but the unit were basically unaffected so we're able to get those back up and running and we'll be repairing the roof. this is looking down the matthewer road if you're standing up looking at the highway 20. that the traffic control person standing off to the left and we've got tree crews dropping trees. this landscape is going to change a lot of the trees died their burnt and hazardous. we've got crews up there they're going doing about 2 hundred trees a day >> can you ask a question. is that because of possible tree fail and run off >> it is because of trees
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falling their hazardous. there's trees falling down in the canyon. we don't want them to fall on folks i think my colleague had a chainsaw with him >> if you go back to let next slide. going into the yosemite national park that is the key area. and you can see the burnt area up to the edge with the ranger house. as such this the on the road below shawn see dam and the park service dropped the fire retardant and this is did picture of the retardant again
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outside the watershed and it was important that we had coordination with our other agencies to protect of the watershed. this is to give you an idea this is dpoiltd around the dam to protect our facilities. you'll notice the ground is clean they raked up the fuel and took care of of the trees. i'd like to say this is the fire team going up into his place. we were very, very grateful to all the firefighters for whatever they came from that we
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had close 2 to 3 hundred firefighters in the major protection area. this is good to know on top of the dam there's a lot of concern about the ash. those are light piles of ash this is right after the height of the fire. again, it didn't burn that much into the water system we didn't have a lot of ash in the watershed. but it didn't compromise the water quality it stayed about the stage. we had measurement devise and we didn't see a diverse escalation in the water quality. again, we're drawing water from below the surface down about 1 hundred and 60 feet and it
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remains fairly clear. >> michael there's a lot of media attention on the effect of water quality. and we were reported out consistently correctly that that the water coming from that area had not deregarded the quality. even if there was some devastation of the water quality and we don't ever anticipate the water quality delivered to our customers would fail to meet standards. it's obviously if things happen to the reservoir that's a water management thing we can deal
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with and we have plans and that's an important message to get anti >> we kind of repeated that message if we saw water devastation and the quality go down we had plans in place to run our tracy plants and had other discussions with some of our wholesale customers. we engaged all those folks early on so as part of our planning process if we say the quality begin to which i know we could take care of that. no one would have lower standard water delivered to them
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>> i think that's important because forest fires had been dealt with with a immediate and directly impact and we've learned how to deal with it. >> go back to the slides. again on top of the dam there's very little ash fallen on top of it. we were able to get our sampling crews out on the lake it was important we draw samples from the surface and debt. again showing here is right up next to the dam they're taking samples near the surface but they're taking samples at depth and this was from .1 to .4 and the lake didn't change we're not
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getting a lot of ash and again confirming what we already knew from monitoring closely the water coming from the dam. this is where you can start to see the water clarity. the water is not covered. it was smokey in places. but it wasn't like ash was falling it was just general smoke. again, some spot fires on the south side of the reservoir it wasn't like the whole south room was on fire you can see that the rock again, the smoke was the big issue on air quality in the area. this is the road there was spots where the road


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